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St. Boniface Hospital


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The frontline is bigger than you think.

Have your voice heard on Bill 28 and Bill 29

We just found out that Bill 28 and Bill 29 are at the committee stage. What this means is that now is your chance as members working in healthcare and as citizens of Manitoba to have your voice heard by the government on these regressive bills. You need to act quickly...

Something’s going to give

Today the PC Government announced that they are closing the Emergency Rooms at Concordia, Victoria and Seven Oaks. These locations will be "repurposed". This is an irresponsible move by the PC Government on many levels. Imagine having a crisis with a family member and...

First Steps

There has been a lot of activity since last week when Bill 28 and Bill 29 were introduced, and we want to make sure you can stay as informed as possible, so yesterday Secretary Treasurer, Bea Bruske, joined our Shop Stewards at St. Boniface and went on a walkthrough at St. Boniface hospital to see you face to face and discuss the challenges ahead. Our Northern Rep and Organizing Director, J.P. Petit has been touring up north with our stewards.