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Frequently Asked Questions

Bill 28 and Bill 29

What is Bill 28?

Bill 28 is The Public Services Sustainability Act.
The basic purpose of this bill is to impose maximum limits on wage increases when public sector contracts are negotiated.

The Bill does not open up existing contracts, but once your contract is up for renewal, wage increases and total compensation cannot be more than:

  • 0% in the first year,
  • 0% in the second year,
  • .75% in the third year
  • 1% in the fourth.

The maximum percentages include any other contract provisions that cost money such as allowances, premiums or vacations.  If those are agreed to in bargaining, wage increases have to be less than the maximum limits so that total costs are 0%, 0%, .75% and 1% over the four-year period.

Who does Bill 28 effect?

Bill 28 applies to all employees (unionized or not) for whom the government is the employer or funds the employer.  For UFCW members, this means our healthcare members will be impacted, and group home members, school division members and those working in shelters or personal care homes may be affected.

How does Bill 29 affect me?

Bill 29 is The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act.
The basic purpose of the Bill is to reduce the number of bargaining units in each Regional Health Authority to seven and to have a single contract and a single union for each of the seven bargaining units.  The Bill will also require province-wide organizations like Diagnostic Services Manitoba and CancerCare Manitoba to also have a single contract and a single union.

The seven agreements would be for:

  • nurses
  • physicians,
  • medical residents
  • physician’s assistants
  • professional/technical/paramedic
  • facility support
  • community support

When this Bill is passed, a commissioner would be appointed to determine the composition of the bargaining units, and give written notice to employers and unions.  UFCW Local 832 along with the other unions will get to make a presentation to the commissioner about the bargaining unit make-up.

Then all members will vote to determine which one union will represent each bargaining unit.
The successful union’s largest collective agreement would be the contract for all workers in the bargaining unit.

Who does Bill 29 effect?

For UFCW members, this means our members working at The St. Boniface Hospital, The Grace Hospital, DSM and those working in the Northern Regional Health Authority locations are affected.

When do these take effect?

These Bills have to go through the legislative process before being “proclaimed” and becoming law.  It is entirely up to the government when to proclaim the Bill and the earliest they could do so is June1, 2017.

Does the bill affect pensions or pre-retirement leave?

The bill doesn’t mention anything about pensions or pre-retirement leave.  Any attempt to reduce these at the bargaining table will be strongly opposed by UFCW Local 832.

What does this mean for bargaining?

Since the PC Government’s announcement on Monday, all bargaining has been put on hold.

It is not clear yet how they will put Bill 29 into place and what the time frame they are set to implement everything and start the voting process.  The budget is scheduled for April 11  and if the bill will be “proclaimed” then the earliest this will happen will be June 1st.  We are hoping to get more answers after one of these two dates.

The following FAQ applies to St. Boniface Hospital Only.  If you work at Grace Hospital and have any questions, please contact your union representative Joe Carreiro at 204-943-1869 or by email at

Bumping Process

Who will be present during the selection process?

Each meeting will include a Union representative, Human Resources, and the affected employee.

How will I know which positions will be available to me?

A list of all available UFCW positions will be posted outside of Human Resources and the UFCW posting board as of September 14th, 2017 after 9:00 a.m.  The list will be updated daily once the selection process begins.

Can I select a position with a higher or lower EFT?

Yes, employees may select any available position that they are qualified for based on their seniority.

Am I guaranteed the same EFT?

No, employees are not guaranteed the same EFT.

Can I bump to another site?

No, employees can only bump into UFCW positions within St. Boniface Hospital.

If I am not provided with a deletion notice can I be bumped?

 Yes, even if you have not received a deletion notice you may be bumped by an employee with more seniority.

Will my salary change if I select a position in a lower classification?

In accordance with Article 18.11 if an employee bumps into a position in a lower classification he/she will retain his/her current salary level until the salary scale of the lower position reaches his/her level of salary.  This red circling provision is limited to three (3) years from the date of transfer.

Red-circling ceases if the employee changes classifications at any time in the 3 year period (i.e. Health Care Aide to Diagnostic Imaging Porter).

Red-circling is re-instated in the employee returns to the original position within 90 days.

If a red-circled employee takes a term position in a different classification, the red-circling does not apply to the term position.  An employee who accepts a term position will be paid in accordance with Appendix A-5 of the Collective Agreement.  Red-circling is re-instated once the employee returns to his/her previous positions.

What happens if the rotation change impedes my ability to access childcare and/or care for my elderly parent(s)?

Employees will have numerous position options available.  Employees should select the option that best meets their needs.

If I want to bump into a position that requires typing or French language testing what do I do?

You must only select a position for which you are fully qualified for.  If the position requires that you have a minimum typing speed OR a French language requirement, you must contact Human Resources for testing prior to your scheduled appointment by contacting:

            Joelle Sanche –       (204) 237-1446

            Justina Braun –        (204) 235-3227

            Janine LeBlanc –     (204) 237-2556

How can I find out about my seniority hours?

Seniority lists will be posted by the new rotations by Human Resources.  A copy will also be in the binder by the Union Bulletin board.  If you have any questions regarding your seniority hours, please call your Union Representative or Human Resources so this can be looked into prior to your appointment.

Will I still be accommodated if my position is deleted?

Anyone who receives a deletion notice will still be required to go through the bumping process.  Each accommodation/restrictions will be looked at individually at the bumping office during your appointment.

How will I know where we are for appointments (regarding seniority hours) for the bumping office?

A “bumping thermometer” will be posted where the schedules are (just outside of Human Resources) to let all members know where we are in the bumping process.

The new rotations that start December 1st, 2017 what week are they?

This is week # 3.

What if my department closes before December 1st, 2017?

As per Article 20.03 of the Collective Agreement, staff will be “redeployed” to work in another department or unit.

Taking a Layoff

Can I take a layoff instead of going through the bumping process?

Yes, in accordance with Article 18.03 employees may accept a layoff.

Can I still take a lay-off if I am not deleted, but bumped by someone who is deleted?

Anyone who is affected by this process whether it is a deletion or a subsequent bump, is entitled to all rights under Article 18.03 (bump, layoff or casual roster)

What if I have to take a layoff?

As a member of UFCW Local 832 you can access assistance from the UFCW Local 832 Training Centre with no cost to you.
Some of the programs available to you are:

  • Guide you through your options with Employment Insurance (EIA) and provide training if you’d like to find a new line of work
  • Help navigate the process of EIA and making sure you have all your necessary paperwork
  • Evaluate and assess which skills you bring to the workplace and in which areas you are likely to be hired
  • Help with resume writing
  • Practice and prepare for interviews
  • Support and assistance in online job searches and applications
  • One on one career counselling to figure out what you’d like to do next
  • Help you find training for a new career or to update your skills
  • Update your computer skills

Please contact the UFCW Training Centre at (204) 775-8329 to speak with someone or set up an appointment.


What if I'm not available for my meeting?

What if I am going to be on vacation during the bumping process?

If you are going to be away on vacation during the selection process, you must fill out a position selection form indicating your top 20 position choices in order of preference. 

You should do this regardless of whether or not you received a deletion notice as your position may still be affected during the bumping.

You have the option of either:

  • Providing a copy of your completed position selection form to your Union Representative or Human Resources prior to your vacation
  • Calling in during your scheduled appointment and making your selection over the telephone. Please contact Carmela Abraham (204) 471-0164 OR Janine LeBlanc (204) 237-2556 prior to your appointment to make these arrangements.

What if I miss my appointment due to extenuating circumstances?

If an employee misses their appointment due to extenuating circumstances, we will review and then handle these situations on an individual basis.


What happens to my pre-approved vacation if I receive a deletion notice or if I am bumped from my current position?

Employees will need to discuss any pre-booked vacation with his/her new Manager.  Whenever possible the pre-booked vacation will be honoured.

What happens if I have a trip planned during the selection process?

 Employees must complete a Position Selection Form indicating their top twenty (20) position choices in order of preference.  If an employee is away during the selection process, the employee shall have the option of:

  1. Provide a copy of their completed Position Selection Form to either their Union representative or Human Resources prior to their vacation. By providing a completed and signed form the employee authorizes the Union and Human Resources to select a position based on their available preferences.
  2. Call in for their scheduled appointment and make their selections over the telephone. Please contact Carmela Abraham at (204) 471-0164 or Janine LeBlanc at (204) 237-2556 prior to your appointment to make these arrangements.
90 Day Clause

Can I use the 90-day clause to return to my former position?

An employee who accepted a permanent position prior to the start of the selection process and who subsequently receives a deletion notice within the 90 days trial period may choose to revert back to their former position in accordance with Article 17.02. 

The 90-day clause will not apply to the bumping process because there is no position for the bumped employee to return to.

Benefits - Health & Welfare, Dental & Pension

What happens to my benefits if my position is deleted and my new position is a lower EFT?

Benefits coverage will continue to be available to employees in accordance with the terms and conditions of the benefits plans.  Employees may contact HR Shared Services for more information regarding their benefits.

Employees electing to be placed a casual roster will no longer be eligible for benefits coverage.