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Workplace changes for UFCW health care workers

Dear UFCW 832 health care members, Many changes are coming that will affect UFCW members working in health care, and working on site in health care facilities. By now most of you should have received a letter from your union notifying you of changes in your workplace....

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Concerning Changes

Your union has received some concerning changes involving the Healthcare votes.  At this meeting, the Pallister government provided us with a Regulation to the Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act (Bill 29).  A regulation to an act is an additional rule(s) that...

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Update from the commissioner

The commissioner in charge of the upcoming representation votes, otherwise known as The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act, has agreed to send out updates to the unions, and to all members affected working on the frontlines. The content of the commissioner's...

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UFCW Local 832 is Manitoba’s largest private-sector union, representing over 20,000 members.
In health care, we represent over 2,600 members across the province.

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